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by katelin on October 23, 2014

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The internet is a delightful place. I mean yes there are terrible comment sections and ridiculous memes and Buzzfeed quizzes that go around far too often, but in the end there are some real gems out there too.  And because I’m all about sharing, here are some of my favorite gems as of late.

Becky, my fellow infertility warrior, is pregnant (huzzah!). And she wrote all about the feelings and the somewhat guilt of getting pregnant naturally. Her writing is raw and beautiful and I somewhat relate. The guilt is there, but so is the happiness and the need to keep on fighting.

Nicole, the queen of all things running and healthy and non-bullshit, wrote an awesome piece all about changing your plans. She had planned to run across America next year and due to injury, she had to ultimately change that plan. And it’s okay. Shit happens and we figure out how to make it work. And that’s what she’s doing.

Nora, my almost life twin, was featured on Kathleen’s blog all about working moms. And Nora’s post is so wonderful and emotional and honest as she talks about the difficultly and the joy that comes with being a Bonus Mom.

Ashley, supermom of two adorable boys and all around my frugal living idol, just turned 30 (w0o! welcome to the club!). To commemorate such an awesome birthday milestone she wrote a little something about things she learned in her twenties. And she learned some wonderful things we could all benefit from practicing.



Any good reads you’ve seen lately? Do share.


happy thursday!

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