A Blur of Goodness.

by katelin on October 21, 2014

You know when weekends go by in a blur of goodness that you almost forget what happened? Yeah, that’s what this weekend was. A blur of goodness and fun times and October times.

Friday: A day full of eating cookies, working, embracing maternity fashion (leggings, sweet mercy they could have their own blog post at this point) and reading. An evening full of hanging out, relaxing and ultimately celebrating my aunt’s birthday with drinks and laughs.

Saturday: This might be the most spread out year of weddings that we’ve ever had. Saturday marked our second-to-last wedding of the year and oh twas delightful. Despite an eleventh hour outfit change, the day was stress free and full of a whole lot of love.
UntitledThe venue was at an equestrian center and sweet mercy was it beautiful. It was fun to catch up some some old friends, meet some people from Matt’s younger years and to see such a happy bride and groom. I seriously just love all things wedding, and I love when they get all sorts of creative with signs and decor, like this one.
UntitledI mean, the funniest.

All in all there was some dancing, a lot of laughing and just a delightful time all around. My kind of Saturday night.

Sunday: After the Saturday night shenanigans I was quite ready for a lazy day. And that’s what it was – for the most part. I slept in, I relaxed and then we spent the whole afternoon watching football at the in-laws. Well watching football, cuddling with my niece, eating too much cheese, the usual. And despite Matt’s teams losing it was a delightful afternoon and evening all around.


And how was your weekend? Any weddingness or football? October shenanigans?


happy tuesday!

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