Five on Friday.

by katelin on October 17, 2014

Pumpkin cookies!
1. I am a baking machine. In the past three weeks I’ve baked (gluten free) banana pumpkin bread (twice), these (gluten free)  pumpkin cookies that Kerri posted about (don’t ask me how many I’ve eaten, it’s ridiculous), made cauliflower soup and am prepping for butternut squash. I’m hoping the weather stays delightfully in the 70s so I can keep this up.

2.  Shonda Rhimes owns my DVR on Thursdays. I can’t quit Grey’s Anatomy (no matter how much I want to) because I’ve invested TEN years into that show, Scandal is well, it’s Scandal and it’s amazing and now How to Get Away with Murder. That woman knows how to write a show I will watch. And I am watching them all. And I am hooked.

3. I started a new book this week, Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald. And so far I like it. I’m going to be honest, I actually know nothing about Zelda. And I love historical fiction. So we’ll see where this book takes me.

4. Somehow I’ve sort of become a freelance social media person. In lieu of my job ending soon I’ve managed to attract a few people that want help here and there running their Facebook pages or consulting or just generally learn about social media. It’s a bit exciting but also a bit terrifying. Because it’s all on me. So, NO PRESSURE. If you freelance on the side, I’ll gladly accept any tips or advice you have for staying sane and staying organized.

5. October is my favorite month. Even though we’re not traveling anywhere this month and I’m not on the East Coast enjoying the actual Fall like scenery and weather, it’s still my favorite. It’s finally cool enough at night to leave the windows open. I can light my scented candles, wear a bathrobe and curl up with a book. And (knock on wood) my allergies haven’t attacked yet, even better! Really, October is just delightful and full of Fall delights and I’m so glad it’s here, even if it’s already half over.



And what are your five things today?


happy weekend!

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