I like to Stretch & Kick!

by katelin on October 16, 2014

Baby elephant
If you know what this post title is from I’m giving you a virtual fist bump. 

Moving on.

Two weeks ago, I was home alone, lying on the couch and all of a sudden the baby moved. Like really MOVED. It kicked or punched or whatever, but I felt it. Strong. And maybe it punched my tear ducts because before I knew it, I was crying. I mean, yes I know babies move. And I’d been feeling little bitty flutters here and there for a few weeks. But to actually feel movement from the outside? It was wizardry. And it was amazing.

Eventually Matt came home and I made him come over and try to feel my stomach, but of course, the little kicker decided to stop for the evening. And that was the case for another week. I would feel the baby move, try and get Matt to feel it and nothing.

And then there was three nights ago. We were lying in bed and I started giggling like a crazy person. The little one was moving and shaking and seriously, it’s so surreal. So Matt put his hand on my stomach and of course, nothing. But then, HI DAD! LET ME PUNCH YOUR HAND. Seriously, I think it shocked us both because it was such a jolt that I knew Matt had to have felt it. And he did. And I started crying again (sensing a theme here? Emotions, I have a lot of them). I was just so glad he could finally feel it. And I know he was too.

In the meantime, I continue to giggle every time this baby moves. And I don’t think that’s going to change any time soon. I know that the further I get along the more frequently this kid will wiggle and shake and I guarantee it’s going to weird me out every time. Seriously, I’m growing a human – THAT KNOWS KARATE. But it won’t just weird me out, it’ll make me so happy and feel a little bit closer to this tiny person that I can’t wait to meet in four months.




happy thursday!

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