by katelin on October 1, 2014


Somehow I’m halfway through this pregnancy (HOLY MOLY!) and I figured today would be a good day for an update. So an update it is. And I figured I’d borrow this breakdown idea from the oh-so-lovely Ashley, so here we go:

How far along? 21 weeks.

How big is the baby? Officially, weighs one pound (according to the recent ultrasound) and is the length of a carrot (according to Babycenter).

Total weight gain: 11-12 lbs, I finally have a bump!


Anxious about: The little things. Although our 20 week ultrasound showed a perfectly healthy baby, we can’t help but worry just a wee bit. However, I’m eating well and doing what I can in hopes that this little nugget stays sound and keeps on growing like it should, so fingers crossed my anxiety subsides.

Excited about: Wearing maternity clothes! I don’t really have to, but I figured why not. I invested in a few cheap shirts and the belly band and you guys, they’re so comfy. Most days I’m in work out clothes so it doesn’t really even matter, but when I go out into the real world and dress like an adult, it’s pretty fun.

Feeling: Pretty good. My hips ache here and there but it’s not too terrible. And the bee sting didn’t get infected, so that’s a plus.

Exercise: I’ve been walking a few times a week in the morning before it gets too insanely hot (seriously Fall weather, I’M READY FOR YOU). Also my neighborhood is gorgeous to stroll through so usually I like to go about three miles and it just makes me feel good. However, the walks have been getting a bit shorter as I get too hot or you know, have to pee. I can only imagine that my walks are going to get shorter the more pregnant I get, but I’ll figure out some way to stay active.

Sleep: Besides the fact that I have to wake up once a night to pee, I’ve been sleeping pretty well. I also love napping, always.

Movement: I’ve been feeling little bitty kicks/punches here and there, but nothing consistent and always at the weirdest times. I’m so ready for them to be frequent but I’ll take what I can get now.

Food Cravings: Not too much except the occasional candy craving. Also, artichoke hearts from Trader Joe’s. You guys – SO GOOD.


This little baby is already so loved and going to be adorably dressed and well read thanks to some friends near and far.

Acne. It’s a thing that comes with pregnancy apparently. And I veto it.

Most people hate when other people touch their pregnant bellies and I can’t get enough of it. Touch away you guys. It’s okay. It just helps me remember that I’m actually pregnant, since most days I wake up and have to pinch myself that this is actually real.

Our midway ultrasound was so amazing. Seriously, technology is ridiculous. The anatomy scan showed us the baby’s kidneys and the brain and blood flow and the rib cage and basically all the organs. It was so bizarre, but also so great to hear that they’re all developing as they should. Also, this baby already has some long legs according to the doctor, so there’s that.

Every day I say a little prayer or a thank you. I talk to the baby and I thank whoever is out there for everything. I feel so grateful lately and I just want to universe to know it, I know I am lucky, I know this baby is loved and I know this is a blessing. And I will not forget it.



happy wednesday!

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