Grown Up Girl Bonding Time.

by katelin on September 29, 2014

Sometimes you just really need a good girls’ weekend. And that’s exactly what this past weekend was. And it was just so glorious and good for my heart and my soul and all the feelings and eeeeee.

Friday: I spent the morning tidying the place up and getting work done before my friend Virginia came to down. Despite a delayed flight, my sister finally got her from the airport and we all met up for a delicious lunch to kick off the weekend. And did you know, lunch took place in London? (I kid, clearly, but I always love these phone booths)
UntitledAfter lunch VA and I came home and just relaxed. We chatted about all the things, did some grocery shopping so Matt could cook us dinner (what an excellent husband) and lounged around as friends should.

Saturday: Matt left for work and Virginia and I had the day to ourselves. It was by far some of the best weather we’ve had in a while so I took her to the zoo, one of my favorite places to spend an afternoon outside. We roamed, we ate too much kettle corn, we got to see an armadillo up close and personal, we ooohed and aahhed over the adorable monkey babies and we talked about our babies. Twas perfection.

Afterwards we had a little lunch date before coming home to relax a bit, watch some TV (thank you Shonda Rhimes for your Thursday night addictions that I can DVR) and just have good chill time. Eventually we rallied together and made our way out for a fun dinner date. We ate too much, laughed a lot and had an all around delightful evening.

Sunday: Sadly, the weekend was coming to an end. However, it ended on a tasty note. Matt made us breakfast and finally snapped a picture to mark the weekend by.


We hung out for a bit before I eventually had to take her to the airport. Sadly the weekend was too short but it was also just right and it was just so good to spend so much time with someone I don’t get to see all that often. You guys, good friends are the bestest.

After the airport run I made a detour on my way home to stop by my friend Meghan’s baby shower! She’s due with a little bebe girl in January and it was just so good to see her, especially since she’s living in New York these days. It was also fun to tell her friends that I was pregnant too since many couldn’t believe it, ha.
UntitledAfter the shower I made it home and into my sweatpants in record time. The weather finally felt like Fall and oh was I ready to embrace it. Matt called me when I was in full sweats mode and I met him at my aunt and uncle’s house so we could hang out, have some dinner and all pretend that Monday wasn’t coming.

It didn’t totally work but it was a good way to spend the evening.

Basically, weekends are my favorite. Especially when good friends are involved. And a whole lot of good eats too.


And how was your weekend? Any good friend time? Good eats? Fall time fun?


happy monday!

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