Love & Hate.

by katelin on September 4, 2014

*borrowing this idea yet again from the lovely Janet, it’s been a while*

Love: Popcorn. Always popcorn.
Hate: That I already finished it.

Love: Working from home on a regular basis.
Hate: It’s mainly because my job is in limbo, STILL.

Love: Vacation. An actual vacation on a plane, happening today.
Hate: Packing. It’s always the worst and I stress about it way too much.

Love: Weddings! Especially when it’s the wedding of a good friend. Our high school friend is tying the knot this weekend in Colorado and I couldn’t be more excited.
Hate: That we don’t get see these friends all that often and I know the weekend won’t be long enough.

Love: I finally get to wear a dress that I’ve only worn once and since my bump is so minimal it looks pretty much okay.
Hate: It’ll probably be the last time I wear it for a long while since this bump is getting bigger and the dress is a bit summery.

Love: SONS OF ANARCHY comes back next week!!!!!!
Hate: That it’s the last season and I’m afraid of who’s going to die (please don’t kill Jax, please don’t kill Jax). Also, IT’S ENDING.


What are you Loving & Hating these days?


happy thursday! 

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  • Love: It’s September!
    Hate: That means fall and then WINTER is coming.

    Love: blog friends.
    Hate: they live too far away.

    Love: A good book.
    Hate: that I have to put down said book to go to bed so I can get up for work (lame).

    Have a great time at the wedding! Safe travels and can’t wait to hear recaps and see pictures if you’re so inclined :)

  • Love: Sour Patch Kids
    Hate: Popcorn

    Love: Reading
    Hate: Not having 8+ hours a day to read

    Love: Snacks
    Hate: Doing dishes

    Love: Taking photos
    Hate (or at least strongly dislike): Editing photos


  • Love: lunches spent out in the sunshine
    Hate: that I have to come back to a freezing cold office and put on a jacket and fuzzy socks!

    Love: finishing a fabulous book
    Hate: FINISHING A FABULOUS BOOK! My best friends are goooone! ;)

    Love: Chocolate
    Hate: Having to portion control my chocolate habit. Hrmph!

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