FAQ: Baby Bannan.

by katelin on August 21, 2014


You guys, thank you. I mean I know I’m emotional/hormonal/whatever you want to call it, but you truly brought tears to my eyes after I made our little announcement.

So yes, I’ve been keeping some things from you guys and that’s just how it had to be.

To make up for that, I’ll share some details. An FAQ if you will, since I’m getting really good at those.

When are you due? 
February 11th!

So that means you’re how far along? 
15 weeks. Pregnancy math is by far the weirdest math ever. I’m always confused.

How are you feeling? 
I’m happy, I’m really really happy. I also teeter between a pile of nerves at all times and worry something is going to go wrong again, but that can’t be helped. For the most part it’s just happiness. And general amazement that this is actually happening. Oh and I could always use a nap, but that’s actually nothing new.

When did you find out? 
June 4th. Two weeks prior we did back-to-back IUIs. And June 4th was the day the nurse called with the good news. I sobbed. A lot. And danced. And cried. And kissed Matt. Then cried some more. Basically, a whole lot of happy tears. And two days later we had a little staycation that Matt had prebooked to be either a celebration or a sympathy getaway. Luckily it was all about celebrating!

How was your first trimester? Did you get morning sickness? 
Well. It was okay. At about six weeks I had a pretty terrible subchorionic bleed. Which basically meant that our little embryo was barely hanging on and the doctor immediately put me on bed rest and new medication (progesterone injections) that I had to take for over a month. It was scary and I cried, thinking the worst and went through it all alone (Matt was out of town when this happened, oy).  The shots were terrible, painful and time consuming. But every night I reminded myself that if it was helping our baby, it was worth it.

And no, I never got morning sickness. But I did get nausea and I did crave french fries often. And ginger mints became my new BFF.

Are you going to find out the sex? 
Negative. We’ve waited this long to have a baby, we can wait a little longer to find out the gender. And seriously, yellow is my favorite color anyways.

Do you think it’ll be a boy or girl? 
I honestly think boy based simply on the fact that ALL of our close family members and friends are having girls. That’s not really  sound logic or even a mother’s intuition, just my feeling. Matt, however thinks girl only because I think boy, ha.

Are you going to share weekly updates/bump pictures? 
Probably not. Don’t get me wrong, my blog has been my outlet through this whole process and it will continue to be so. But I’ve been journaling a lot and some things I just don’t need to share here. Also, as excited as I am about being pregnant, I’m also sensitive to my infertility warriors. I’m going to try and not bombard my social media channels with my growing belly and daily tweets about being pregnant, it’s just not who I am. But I will share here and there because really, this is quite exciting.


I think that’s about it for now. Any other questions? Ask away!


happy thursday!

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  • Love this! Love you! SO excited!

  • B

    My sister is due in February too! I hope you have a comfortable pregnancy!

  • I’m all about not finding out the gender! If we ever go down the baby path, I’m going to be the same way =)

    I think journaling things as they happen and go along is a great idea; maybe it even makes it more special for you and for Matt?

    All the happiness in the world for you guys (it won’t stop, I’m just so happy for you). xoxo

  • I could not be happier for you! Thank you for sharing this, and your journey with us. I know it’s been a long one. <3

  • Kristen

    Love: your blog, the news, you guys! Thanks for sharing and looking forward to Baby! :)

  • Kiraa

    Can you send me bump pics in PMs because I’m kind of obsessed with Baby Bannon already! Plus I’m moving back to California and we need to have baby play dates!

  • I am just so, so happy for you guys. I can’t stop thinking about YOU BEING PREGNANT and it makes me all giddy. So thrilled, after all the two of you have been through.

    I love the idea of waiting to find out the sex. I’m not sure I could do it, ha, but I think it’s so special. <3

  • This post reminds me why you are still, even though we don’t chat on the regular, one of my favoritest bloggers ever – because you’re so darn real and i adore that about you. I’m so so so happy for you – you and Matt are going to be the best parents ever :) And whatever aspects of your journey you choose to share here – I look forward to reading them :) xoxo

  • Seriously, so amazing! Congrats again to you and Matt!

  • Congratulations! Of course I hope to join you in the good baby news after our 2nd IVF run this Winter. :) And I LOVE that you’re not finding out the sex of the baby. It’s truly one of the best surprises on earth.

  • Still just so crazy happy for you, lady. I mean, really. I can’t even explain it. I don’t get emotional about babies often, but this one – this baby has given me all the feels.

    And also, I’m guessing girl. But I LOVE that you’re not going to know the sex before. I think that’s so much more fun!

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