Wednesday night my Twitter feed was flooded with stories of Ferguson. I, admittedly, had no idea what was going on. I was so out of the loop and hadn’t even heard about Michael Brown and his unfortunate death. Now, I’m all caught up. And I’m disgusted. And sad. And just distraught. What is happening?

Not only is the shooting of Michael Brown upsetting, but everything that’s since followed is a travesty.

Peaceful protests being met with heavy artillary and tanks? Failed attempts at Molotov cocktails? Signs bearing the words “Don’t Shoot Me.”? What is this?

I have two young brothers. And I worry about them every single day for reasons like this.For stories like this, Travon Martin, Oscar Grant and so many young men that don’t get press.

Because my brothers are young men of color. One brother is headed to New York where there have been numerous reports of young black men being searched on the street for no reason and too many false arrests. My youngest brother remains here in Los Angeles where the odds aren’t much better.

All of this just leaves me wondering, is any of this ever going to change? Are we as a society going to change? Or are we really going to live in a place where the media gets blacked out from covering events like this and where police officers can arrest journalists simply for doing their job?

I don’t know what I really wanted to get out of this or what exactly my thoughts are as this is all one big jumbled mess. I just really hope that Change is in our future.