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by katelin on August 13, 2014

When I was at BlogHer a few weeks ago Matt started watching Supernatural. And by watching, I mean he finished the first season in the weekend I was gone (thanks Netflix).

And then when I got home we kept watching. And are still watching. And it’s surprisingly deligthful. The last time I watched a show on the CW was Dawson’s Creek, so that’s saying something.

This show is just entertaining. It may not be the best storylines ever. And may not be for everyone (I mean it’s called Supernatural, so yes there are sci-fi things and fantasy like things involved). But I am thoroughly enjoying it.

The brothers on the show are just, the best. They’re sarcastic and hilarious and I love their chemistry. Also, they’re pretty good looking so that helps too.

I’m in no way obsessed with this show like Sons of Anarchy or Scandal, but it’s definitely been a fun way to spend our nights. We’ve admittedly made it through five seasons (seriously how is this show going into it’s tenth season already!?) already and every one of them has been swell. I’ve laughed, I’ve gotten a little emotional and I’ve also been thoroughly creeped out. Seriously some episodes have been straight creepy.

So if you need some good sci-fi fluff I recommend this show. It’s definitely a fun watch.


Do you watch any CW shows? Any sci-fi shows? Are you not at all surprised that I’m talking about yet another TV show? Ha.


happy wednesday! 

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