An Ode to Craig David.

by katelin on August 8, 2014


Fourteen years ago I spent two months living in Germany. When I got home and my best friend was with me as I unpacked, the first thing I said wasn’t about my adventures or the family I had lived with but rather “YOU HAVE TO HEAR THIS SONG.”

It was Craig David’s “Fill Me In.” And I was hooked. So hooked.

The single was literally the first thing I unpacked and put into my CD player so she could hear it. I think she thought I was crazy, but that was nothing new.

That blue CD in the picture, that was it. That was the single that started it all. From there I acquired CDs from different countries and various singles from all over the place and yes, this is my collection. I still have it. Packed away at my parents’ house I even had a Craig David scrap book, full of ticket stubs and pictures from the four concerts I managed to attend from his rare visits to the US. You guys, it’s a musical love that I hope will never end. I may not love his new stuff as much (or heck even really know what it is), but his first two albums are just so magical.

I’ve talked about my love of Craig David before (and even when I met him, which was somehow FIVE years ago) but recently it’s been popping up here and there. Friends will text me when they hear his songs playing in bars or if one of his songs happens to come on a playlist. And I love it.

I love that my silly obsession has lasted so long and so efficiently that people literally think of me when they hear him. I feel like, I did a good job. I was/am his US fan club. And I’ll keep on doing it and every time something Craig David pops up or one of his songs plays, just know I’ll probably be singing along.



Do you have a musical obsession? Or that one song you will always love?


happy friday!

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