A Weekend Well Done.

by katelin on July 29, 2014

Do you know what a weekend at a conference is like? It’s not really a weekend that’s for sure. When you’re working the whole time it’s more like a flurry of events and you never know the time or the day and you’re glued to your phone constantly checking Twitter and Instagram and Facebook and you’re on your feet a whole lot and sweet mercy.

So that was my weekend: BlogHer ’14.

It was the first time I attended BlogHer in a few years and the first time I attended with other coworkers and doing work for an actual client.

And sweet mercy, was it a weekend. I rarely talk about work things on here but the work thing was quite awesome. I basically helped launch an all female band (many of you saw that I linked my Facebook account to their Instagram account, I still have my regular Instagram, don’t you fret, so there’s that) with an excellent performance. They also had a booth in the Expo Hall that brought so many women to tears and laughter all due in part to the magic mirror that helped women remember to see just how beautiful they are, inside and out.
BlogHer '14
Outside of working things I got to hear The Bloggess speak (hilarious as always), eat too much gluten (conferences are not gluten friendly), briefly catch up with some friends and get in some quality naps in super comfy hotel beds. I also got to sit up close and personal for the Kerry Washington key note and you guys, as if I didn’t already love this woman. I LOVE that woman. And I want to be BFFs with her. She is just so well spoken and funny and sweet and her whole chat was delightful.
BlogHer '14
The long weekend capped out with an amazing dinner at Morton’s, with lots of laughter and cheers and celebration for a weekend well done.

I made it home Sunday afternoon where I proceeded to clean the apartment, nap some more and have a family filled evening celebrating my mother-in-law’s birthday. And then somehow it was the work week again and goodness, time is confusing.


And how was your weekend? Any celeb encounters or weekend shenanigans?



happy tuesday!

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  • Your weekend sounds so cool! We moved this weekend so while it was exciting and exhausting, it wasn’t seeing Kerry Washington, that’s for sure! Hope you get to catch up on sleep this week!

  • Kerry Washington!? She’s my new idol as I get more into Scandal (plus I love that she was in Boston Legal for a time as well!)

    Glad you had a fun weekend, albeit exhausting.

    No celeb sightings, but I spent lots of time in the pool. =)

  • Olivia Pope! Olivia Pope! Olivia Pope! Ahhh… so much jealousies over here. :)

  • I’m so happy to have run into you at the conference. The booth was great, and that video they played during lunch made my eyes tear up! Also I absolutely agree with you re: wanting to be bffs with Kerry Washington.

  • B

    I was at a convention too! I was in San Diego for Comic-Con! I’m glad to be home though so I can sleep for 3 days LOL

  • So awesome you went to BlogHer! I wanted to go (since SJ is only 2ish hours from Sac), but I need to save for NY.

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