A Letter to My Little Brother.

by katelin on June 6, 2014

Dear Kyle,

A week ago you graduated high school. Although I think something must be wrong there because last time I checked I was the one graduating, heading to Ohio and you were the adorable little kindergardener smothering me in hugs in kisses.

Love Kyle

Alas, we are here and you have  this summer before you head off to New York for school. This is weird. This is really, really weird.

In any case, I figured I’d take some time to give you a few tips about this summer and the fall. I know, I know do you really want to hear from your thirty year old big sister? But it doesn’t matter, because she wants to tell you some things, so you should probably listen.

Here we go.

This Summer: Have Fun. Hang out with your friends as much as you possibly can because things are going to change in the Fall. Yes, you’ll still have those friends but I guaranteed some of those friendships will fade as you all begin new lives in new places.

Eventually you’ll all come back together on Winter Breaks and Summer Breaks and have stories to share of your new lives and adventures and it will be awesome, but it will also be different. So savor it all, spend so much time with those friends and don’t waste a second of it.

Also, spend more time with mom and dad and Kurt. Thank them for the little things. Yes, you may have one foot already out the door but they’re going to miss you and you are going to miss them (you just may not want to admit that yet). And I know it’s harder to spend more time with me and Kourtney since we don’t live at home, but we’ll try. Because believe it or not, we’re going to miss you too. And you’re going to miss us. Even if we are only a text/Facebook post/phone call away.

Now, that’s the summer.

For school, that’s a whole other beast and I only have a few things to share there:

One. Have Fun. See a theme here? Yes. FUN. College was by far some of the best adventures of my life and I truly hope you have the same experience. I made some of my best friends and did some of the craziest things and claimed my independence. Yes, I studied hard, but I also balanced that out with ridiculous adventures that have left me some of the most amazing memories. And I hope you do plenty of ridiculous things and make crazy memories too.

TwoBe safe. Yes you’re a giant and a boy but you’re still going to be in a new city, by yourself. Make smart decisions about the people you hang out with and the crazy shenanigans you get yourself into. If you’re going to get drunk, make sure you’re with people that won’t leave you stranded somewhere, because I’d have to come out there and beat somebody up if they did.

Three. 8am classes are overrated. And unnecessary. Please don’t do it. Or do it and be a much more efficient student than I ever was, ha.

Four. I won’t judge you if you ditch classes here and there but really, what’s the point? You’re paying good money for a great education, please don’t waste it. Get the most out of your classes and everything your school has to offer.

Five. Dining hall trays make excellent sleds. Just sayin.


Well. That’s about it. I’m so excited for you and can’t wait to see what lies in store for you Kyle, I know there will be big things. Just know we’re all so proud of you and love you a whole lot.


Your Biggest Sister, Katelin


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