by katelin on May 2, 2014

Afternoon patio

Looking forward to: More nights on the patio. You’d think Summer hit Southern California already since it’s been in the 90s all week. But the sun is out longer and I can’t wait to just relax on our patio with my latest read.

Reading: Frog Music by Emma Donahue. I’m only 60 pages in but so far I’m intrigued even if I don’t really know what this story is about since I never read the synopsis before starting a book, ha.

Watching: Now that Scandal is over for the year (tear!) I’m looking forward to the original Shondaland obsession, Grey’s Anatomy. I cannot quit this show as much as I’ve wanted to over the years. Also, Cristina is leaving this season and it’s giving me so many feelings because I’ve always related to her and Meredith’s friendship/relationship and just AH. She’s FICTIONAL. But I’m SO ATTACHED.

Wishing: That more money would appear in my bank account so I could afford to be frivolous sometimes and afford to visit my best friend.

Eating: Greek yogurt and granola has somehow become my lunch go-to. And it is delectable.

Feeling: Okay. The high from my birthday has dwindled a bit and more disappointing fertility news has also put a damper on things. But movie dates and pizza dinners and chats with friends have leveled me out. And I’m on the upswing again. So that’s always nice right?

Anticipating: A busy busy weekend full of more birthday celebrations (hurrah!) and dinners out and hopefully some time to nap.



What are you up to today?


happy weekend!

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  • Ohhh I quit Grey’s Anatomy years ago. I just couldn’t anymore with that show.

    Currently I’m tearing my way through some romance novels (they are SUCH a good escape), catching up on podcasts during my commute (they help with my road rage – ha!), and anticipating and kind of dreading next week. My schedule is SLAMMED but in a good way. Two long days at work, a reception for Advocacy Day, Advocacy Day itself, and then I leave super early Thursday for a conference where I come back on an overnight Saturday, landing at 7 AM Sunday. Daunting!

  • B

    I think we all wish more money would appear in our bank accounts! LOL

  • Cristina is leaving? I’m like three seasons behind (the last one I watched was when Meredith kept the adopted baby or whatever) but I still like it. I just don’t have enough time to watch everryyttthing I want to!

    Sorry that you received some disappointing news this week. Shaking my fist at the universe for you, my friend.

    Patio nights sound glorious. If I had more money in my account I’d fly out there so we could patio sit and chat and whatever else it is that you need. xoxoxoxo

  • I, too, feel terribly attached to Cristina Yang & OMG SHE’S GOING TO LEAVE & LIVE IN SIWTZERLAND PROBABLY? But… but… Preston Burke! All the feelings.

  • I’ve been dying to get my hands on Frog Music – can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

  • I eat greek yogurt and granola every day for breakfast! It’s the best!

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