Thirty going on Fabulous.

by katelin on April 30, 2014

Please note: This post is not going to be short.
13 going on 30

You guys.  I want to turn thirty every day. My birthday was such a blur of happiness that I want to bottle it up and keep that feeling around for every time I feel crappy or something dumb happens. My happiness was radiating and I’m pretty sure my cheeks still hurt from smiling. So you could say, it was a birthday success.

Friday: I spent the first few hours of my birthday tucked away in a day spa. And it was the best decision ever. Burke Williams will forever have my business and god I hope I go back on another birthday*. I enjoyed plenty of alone time in the jacuzzi, sauna, steam room and even the mist room. Then I had my first ever facial and my face basically felt like magic when I was done.

Afterwards I had a pedicure that was also, THE BEST, and a few employees of BW came into the private room with plates of fruit and a mini cupcake with a candle on it and sang “Happy Birthday” to me. I mean, talk about knowing your clientele. Basically I left that place feeling like a pampered thirty year old princess and it was delightful. Afterwards I treated myself with a trip to Starbucks and H&M (I’m addicted to their dresses, ALWAYS) before heading on home for the afternoon.

That night Matt surprised me with dinner and drinks and The Langham.  We dressed up a bit and enjoy a tasty meal where they commemorated my birthday with a cake I couldn’t really eat (damn you gluten free) but with plenty of chocolate to scrape off, ha.


The lobby was also delightful. And is sort of my favorite.

And we tried taking some pictures and somehow this is my favorite. One day I’ll master the non-blurry selfie, one day.
Birthday!After we enjoyed some drinks on the patio, Megan came over and we all drank wine and sort of watched 13 Going on 30 (because of course I wanted to watch that!). Pretty much Friday was a day I want to relive over and over again. So let’s make that happen okay?

Saturday: The day of driving. I started my morning enjoying breakfast in Santa Monica with Nicole and Jamie, where we proceeded to spend the majority of our time discussing our favorite TV shows (and it was my favorite). I then trekked back home before trekking off to the valley for another birthday party. Eventually I made it home to relax for a quick bit before Matt and I went out to dinner with his dad to celebrate our birthdays!

We went to a new gin bar/restaurant nearby and I’ve gotta say, I like gin drinks (when I can’t taste the gin). It was a fun night hanging out with my father-in-law and Matt and enjoying some seriously delicious food.

Sunday: The day where I was asleep more than I was awake. It’s a feat I tell you. I slept in so late Matt had to wake me up so we wouldn’t be late to lunch with my parents, ha.

So yes, there was another tasty outing to celebrate the birthday and I did not complain. It was fun to catch up with my parents and brothers since it had been a while since I’d really hung out with them. After lunch we went back to my parents house for a whole lot of gluten free cupcakes and cake and presents and balloons and flowers and my parents are the best.

After the birthday celebrations I came home, relaxed, watched a movie and took a nap. Like an adult. And then I had popcorn for dinner, BECAUSE THIRTY.

And it was the best. Because the weekend was my favorite and I need more of that, all of the time.


And how was your weekend? Do you love birthdays as much as I do? Want to go to the spa with me next time, because next time is happening, ha?


happy wednesday!


*Burke Williams didn’t pay me to say anything but sweet hell if they didn’t have the best customer service*

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  • Yes to spa day! :) Happy birthday – glad to hear that your weekend went so well.

  • Love me a good spa day and love that they sang to you, too =) Sounds like a glorious weekend all around and I’m glad you celebrated 30 the way a girl should: just how she wants to. And popcorn for dinner, of course.


  • Elizabeth R.

    Happy birthday! Long time reader, first time poster. Just wanted to note that gin is not necessarily gluten free. I have a lot of celiacs in my family so I always notice these things. I know you aren’t a celiac, but its worth knowing.

  • Woot woot!!!



  • San

    That is the best birthday weekend celebration ever! Happy 30th, lovely! XOXO

  • Happy (much belated) birthday!!!
    for some reason, my feedly just got all of your posts from the past week. your spa trip sounded divine!

  • How did I miss this post?! SO glad you had such a fabulous birthday – I loved turning 30 and def. think it should be celebrated in a big big way!

  • katelin! I am late to reading this but oh what a wonderful birthday you had! Ahhhh the Langham, how I miss that lobby with the ridiculous fresh floral displays and that unforgettable scent.

  • Sounds like you did 30 right! I love birthdays, too. I plan to pamper myself for my birthday coming up at the end of this month!

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  • So glad you had such a great birthday!!

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