by katelin on April 25, 2014

Happy birthday to me

Today is sort of a big deal. Today is my thirtieth birthday (also I spelled thirtieth wrong the first time, so clearly my spelling skills have improved with age, ha).

Looking back, my twenties taught me independence, fun and patience. My twenties were raucous and ridiculous. My twenties held so many milestones: I graduated college, I fell in love with my best friend, I got my first “adult” job, my first (and second) car, I traveled internationally, Matt and I moved in together and eventually got married, I became a certified wino and somewhere in there I started this little blog and made so many wonderful friends along the way.

My twenties were really good. I mean yes, there were (and still are) some rough spots, but that’s a given. And to me, the big stuff, the good stuff, definitely outweighed the shitty stuff.

Needless to say, my thirties have a whole lot to live up to.

And so far they’re on the right track. I’ve enjoyed vegan cupcakes, wine and leftover Easter candy. I spent almost every day this week in happy tears reading cards and opening sweet gifts. Thirty has already taught me how much love is around me and what wonderful people I have in my life.


And hopefully what they say is true, that thirty really is the new twenty. If so, I’m quite ready.  Let’s do this THIRTY.



happy weekend!

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  • I think 30 is the new twenty! Probably because we have learned so much compared to when we were 20 and we kind of sort of know what we want and where/how to get it (in most cases). Wishing you a lovely, amazing, spectacular day and an equally awesome (if not stupendous) year ahead. xoxoxoxo

  • Happy Birthday! I’m enjoying 30 even more than my 20s I feel like I’m more comfortable with myself. I’m wishing you a year full of good news and happy surprises!

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope this year brings you more joy and celeb sightings and wine and friends and happiness! Also, stealing “Let’s do this thirty” as my mantra in six months when I join the ranks.

  • If 30 is the new 20 then 40 is the new 30 which means I’m 31. Wheee!

    Actually, getting older does have some benefits. I had some really good times in my 30’s. I know you will too. Happy birthday beautiful!

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  • Happy birthday!!!

  • 30! 30! 30!!!

    So far, I think my 30’s are far superior to my 20’s….you know, I say that 18 months in, but whatever.


  • Cheers to 30, darling! I sort of hated turning 30, but I also sort of loved it because I am SO MUCH SMARTER than I was a decade ago and my 20s were pretty freakin’ fantastic and there’s no sense in being upset about that. So cheers to you, my dear, and I hope your 30s bring you all the wonderful things.

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