Weekend & Some Things.

by katelin on April 8, 2014

Let’s petition to make weekends longer. Sound like a plan? Yes? Yes.

Friday: I find it hard to get motivated on Friday nights, hence why on the pajama pants go on sooner and I get cozied up under my favorite blanket. We spent the night enjoying alfredo pasta and watching recorded shows on the DVR and somehow this is becoming a thing, and I’m so okay with it.

Saturday: Spent my morning reading at a Starbucks while waiting for my car to get fixed. Eventually I made my way to a nearby park to meet up with family and celebrate an adorable little lady’s first birthday. It was so fun to see family I don’t get to see that often, and we played with a whole lot of babies. My little cousin Julie is my hair twin and of course I just wanted to snuggle her up all afternoon.


Basically my family makes some cute kidlets,  I love this picture of my cousin Brenda with her niece and great nieces.


After I had my full of the family and babies I napped the afternoon away. I mean I read and did other things, but it wouldn’t really be a weekend unless I took a nap somewhere in there.

That evening we went to my parents’ house for a night of Tripoli playing and laughing and raucous behavior. Obviously.

Sunday: The day went something like this: Universal Studios, Divergent, LAUNDRY ALL NIGHT LONG. Also, dinner with the in-laws. Delightful? Delightful.



And how was your weekend? Did you see Divergent? Can we discuss? Do you have a laundry fairy I can borrow?


happy tuesday!

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  • OMG those curls on that little one!

    My weekend was a good mix of going and being home. I busted out a scarf in less than 48 hours (nothing like knitting on a deadline), but also did yoga, got my SIL caught up on season three of Game of Thrones, and managed to see the new Captain America. Make the weekends longer? Yes please!

  • Those curls are adorable!

    I haven’t read Divergent yet so haven’t seen the movie; I’ve heard mixed reviews about the books. Should I read them?

    I did a ton of laundry, too. It seems to be never ending lately :)

  • LET’S DISCUSS DIVERGENT! I loved the movie, personally. It’s been almost two years since I read the book (and I haven’t read the books following because I haven’t heard great things) so I wasn’t as concerned with it staying “true” to the book, though I saw it with a friend who just read the book and was ticked off at the movie because of how it didn’t follow the book correctly. SO. Basically my entire thought process during the movie was MOAR SHIRTLESS THEO JAMES SCENES PLEAAAAAASE. That is all. That’s my opinion.

  • Hair twin! How cute!

    Reading at Starbucks is one of my favorite me-time activities.

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