Never Too Old for a Wishlist.

by katelin on April 2, 2014

My 30th birthday is 23 days away (but really, who’s counting?). And it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t have a wish list. Because let’s be honest, you’re never too old to have a wishlist right?

Technically Pinterest has helped me keep a wishlist going all year long but I figured I’d share some of the top contenders this year.

This shirt. I mean THIS SHIRT. It pretty much sums up my knowledge of any sport besides baseball.

This purse is my new favorite. I mean, I think it is. I haven’t actually seen it in person but I’ve been pining over it since I saw another blogger featured it in her wishlist. Cute right?
FossilPurseMatt and I have yet to own a new couch. We’ve been fortunate enough to inherit hodge podge ones from friends and family. But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want a new one one day. A pretty sectional perhaps?

I love a good necklace, seriously I have a lot. It’s probably because my ears aren’t pierced and I can’t buy earrings but that’s a whole other story. In any case, I love this Etsy store and I really want this necklace.

I live in sandals so why not get super comfy ones right? And yellow? And adorable? Thanks TOMS, I’ll take five.
Other things I’d add to my birthday wishlist: A money tree,  a baby (obviously) and a lunch date with Benedict Cumberbatch.



Birthdays are the bestest guys. Hurray birthdays!


 happy wednesday!

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  • Oooh it’s your birthday month! I hope you celebrate it up for 30! And I will start looking for a money tree!!

  • Lynn

    Ahh TOMS makes sandals! I am wearing a pair of their shoes right now (not sure why I resisted for as long as I did). I am just adding that to my general life wish list.

    Have fun celebrating your birth-month!!!

  • ahhh good to know i’m not alone in my wishing for that bag :)

  • I didn’t know TOMS makes sandals! WANT!

  • I’m so thrilled about Toms sandals. I may have to get some ASAP.

    Also: hooray birthday month :)

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