The Katelin Diaries.

by katelin on March 26, 2014


Last week I picked up a box of goodies from my parents’ house. A box of my younger years that included so many half written in journals and mementos and sweet lord.

I had so many feelings in high school (most of them about boys) and in middle school and elementary school I liked to talk a lot about school and friends and how my sister broke my Barbies, typical.

With that, I thought it would be fun to perhaps start a new feature highlighting different journal entries so you can see how entertaining I truly was.

And now I present to you, The Katelin Diaries: Like the Princess Diaries, but more Ridiculous.



It’s been about a billion years since I wrote in my journal. However, these next months of my last high school years are promising to be memorable. Well tomorrow is my 18th birthday! The big 1-8! I can’ t really believe it. Everything is going by so fast that it’s crazy. Anyways here’s an update on me:

Age: Almost 18
Dating Status: Single – broke up with Danny after 8 months
Boob size: Way too big! It sucks A LOT! Whatever…

Well so far I’ve loved Junior** year and I’ve loved all the great wonderful and amazingly fantastic things of this year



I mean. I can’t stop laughing. My journals are so embarrassing I sort of want to burn them but at the same time share them with you, because I’m a giving person.

*I seriously wrote “Hi Katelin” or “Hi” or something to that extent for every entry, always.
** I wrote this Senior year so I have no idea what I’m talking about.
** An actual heart, like I drew hearts all over the place. Sweet mercy.


Did you keep journals? Are they finished or half written in like mine? Did you talk a lot about boys? Because oh, you guys are in for a TREAT.


happy wednesday!

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  • I reread some of my own HS journals recently, and I couldn’t believe how boy-obssessed I was back then. And let’s just say I went into waaaaayyy more detail in a single entry. I had a lot of emotions, and I was determined to get them ALL onto paper.

  • I always tried to keep diaries/journals and failed except for one year. Going back and reading that one journal is SO FUNNY though. Recently I’ve been tempted to keep a Doogie Howser-esque journal on my computer.. we’ll see!

  • I’ve kept journals for years. Some are full, some are half-finished. But boys fill up more pages than they probably should.

    I’d really like to get into a more creative journaling style — incorporating drawings into them… but just haven’t felt inspired yet, and I have a lined book I just started.

  • Oh, my, the boob size thing made me laugh out loud. I’m pretty sure mine would say (and does?) that why oh why don’t I have bigger ones. I will have to dig some of my journals out and send you some excerpts because this is just awesome. =) Can’t wait to read more!

  • Megan

    4/24/02 was Senior year…. We graduated in June 2002! Lol. Nice try though…

  • I love this, I used to write in a journal RELIGIOUSLY and every single entry was written to my imaginary/invisible journal-only friend, Fred, and signed with an xox, “harriet”


  • Oh, man, I wish I had kept my journals from when I was younger! I am sure they would have been so mortifying. Haha. :)

    Also all the notebooks my friends and I kept for passing notes. I’m sure those would have been SUPER interesting!

  • I love reading my old journals, they’re such gems! This is such a fun idea for a post, I may have to steal it someday!

  • Courtney

    Oh man Katelin!! This made me laugh out loud! Mostly because A) you’re hilarious and it’s awesome that you share your old self with the world and B) because I had the exact same thoughts when I came across an old journal of mine! Isn’t it crazy to think that we all thought we were so mature back then, and then we read old journals and shake our heads at our past selves?

    PS do you have the Hyperbole and a Half book? I got it for Christmas and she has a journal thing she does too and I was *crying* reading it it was so funny. If you ever need a laugh just let me know and you can borrow it :)

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