Big Glasses, Bigger Party & The Biggest Family.

by katelin on March 5, 2014

You guys, I love wedding almost as much as I love weekends. Both are equally awesome.

Friday: I had the day off of work and that afternoon Matt and I battled the California rain and made our way to San Jose. We met up with my sister for dinner and some cousins for drinks. It was delightful. Also, at the bar: Michael Jackson impersonators. I kid you not. Out of nowhere three guys walked in as various forms of MJ and it magical. That night I called it an early one while Matt and my sister hit up the bar with my cousins, I was so okay with sleep, ha.

Saturday: The big day! That morning Matt, my sister and I spent the morning at The Tech Museum. Where we got to be big kids and play with all sorts of fun technology. Twas a good way to kill a few hours before lunchtime.

Once lunchtime arrived, so did Virginia, Alex and baby Eloise! Luckily they had the afternoon free and came down from the Bay to spend a few hours with us. It was so good to see them, catch up on life and play with the little lady.


After lunch we spent a few more hours at the museum before getting ready for the whole reason we were in San Jose, my cousin’s wedding reception!

The reception was a whole lot of awesome and basically reiterated how much I love my crazy ass family. There was karaoke, prop boxes, nine courses of food and an open bar. There was so much dancing and laughing and hugs with family I don’t get to see often enough.






I mean, even the bathrooms were funny.


The night was just so fun and I wish we could do it again this weekend.

Sunday: Got up earlyish (and without a hangover, huzzah!) and made our trek home. With only a few stops for Starbucks and breakfast we made it home with plenty of time for me to watch a whole lot of Red Carpet. Not only that, we had a few friends over to watch The Oscars, ordered pizza and called it a night. A fabulous end to the weekend indeed.


And that my friends, is how weddings in my family are done. And Oscar Sundays. And weekends in general.


How was your weekend? Any drunk octopuses?


happy wednesday!

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