Let’s Talk About Oscar.

by katelin on March 3, 2014

Yesterday was all about one man. Oscar.

Usually today would be a weekend recap, but instead it’s “Let’s Talk About the Oscar’s Some More.” Because it’s my favorite TV event and I so want to be there, but instead I live tweet, I text with friends and I scream at the TV while my friends and husband laugh at me. It’s delightful. And in case you weren’t following me on Twitter, texting with me or sitting in the same room as me as I screamed about Leonardo DiCaprio and Benedict Cumberbatch countless times, here are my thoughts on the evening. In 140 characters, or less.


So there you have it. Apparently the whole show was about Leonardo DiCaprio, Benedict Cumberbatch and Sandra Bullock. I also screamed over Chris Hemsworth and may have swooned over Angelina’s dress. I thought Ellen was an excellent host and the set designs were pretty damn awesome. Pink, Idina and Bette made my heart melt with their songs. And I got teary during the In Memorium section. So many of my favorite celebrities were together and it was the best.


Did you watch The Oscar’s? Did you love it? Did you want to be in that Ellen selfie too? Did you watch Game of Thrones instead?


happy monday!

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