Left Side, Strong Side.

by katelin on February 20, 2014

With the Olympics happening I feel like it’s been impossible to hide from any sort of sports talk. So today I decided to bring my own sports talk to the mix. My favorite sports movies in fact. All this talk of the Jamaican bobsled team and countless references to Cool Runnings throughout this Olympics just made me think, why not share some of my favorites? So, in no particular order:

Remember The Titans. I MEAN. Every time this movie is on TV I watch it, every time. It’s just so good and I cry every time. And it’s funny and touching and it’s got a young Gosling and it’s got Opie from Sons of Anarchy. It makes me care about football and people and the music is so good. And¬†everything about this movie is excellent.

The Sandlot. Talk about the movie of my childhood. Well one of them at least. And the movie that spawned my first real celebrity crush, Benny “the Jet” Rodriguez (or in real life known as Mike Vitar). This movie just holds so many memories and as much as its about baseball it’s about childhood and growing up and life’s adventures. I love it.

D2: The Mighty Ducks. So yes, I like the first one just fine. But I LOVE the second one. Peewee Olympics. Team USA. The Bash Brothers. Ducks Fly Together. Charlie Conway forever and ever. The Flying V. The Mighty Ducks basically taught me all I know about hockey (take that as you will, ha). It also taught me that “Iceland is very nice and Greenland is covered in ice.”

The Little Giants. Do I really need to say more than just “The Annexation of Puerto Rico.” No. I don’t think I do.


Apparently all of my favorite sports movies came out in the 90s and mainly about boys teams. In close contention are some from the next decade: The Blind Side, Miracle and Soul Surfer. Basically, I love a good comeback story.


What are some of your favorite sports movies?


happy thursday!


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