Tacos, Sunburns & a Whole Lot of Lovely.

by katelin on February 18, 2014

Weekends are always my favorite. ALWAYS. And this past weekend was no exception. I wish it was still the weekend because I’m really good at not working and enjoying weekendtime.

Friday: I took the day off of work and Matt and I took off for Palm Desert. On our way we stopped in Palm Springs to have tacos with Doni. Really, it was a perfect lining up of events that resulted in tacos, girly drinks and a delightful lunch time with Doni and Matt. And it was my favorite.
UntitledAfter tacos Matt and I finished our trek to Matt’s aunt’s house where I immediately took a nap. Because apparently I can’t function without naps lately.

Eventually Aunt Toni came home, Matt and I prepped dinner and all was delightful. We rounded out the night with wine and the Olympics (as one does on Valentine’s Day) and had a lovely time all around.

Saturday: Matt and Toni spent the morning/afternoon golfing and I spent it at the pool with a book. The best? THE BEST.


Seriously, it’s February and I got a sunburn. California is so weird and yet, so very very awesome.

After a day at the pool and more napping, there was relaxing and reading and cocktails. And then there was a delightfully delectable dinner at Tommy Bahamas (I’m still dreaming about my dessert, butterscotch pudding – YUM). The evening was spent with more catching up and more Olympics and just more of the relaxing that we needed.

Sunday: Woke up and went to Matt’s cousins’ house for a delicious breakfast where we got to catch up with family. I truly love Matt’s family and am so grateful to have married into such a fun and loving family. After breakfast we started our trek back home (with a stop for some macaroons first). The rest of the day was spent unpacking, napping (seriously, I am SO TIRED) and TV watching. Twas the bestest.

Monday: You guys. I need all Mondays to be holidays because I’m SO PRODUCTIVE. I got our watches fixed, got a car wash, framed a picture I’d had lying around, did laundry, painted my toenails, watched two movies, watched some Breaking Bad, read, made meatballs. did dishes and even did some work. So basically, I rocked. All day long. And it was awesome.

And I need more Mondays like this in my life. All of the time.


And how was your weekend? Enjoy the long weekend? Any special Valentine’s Day shenanigans?


happy tuesday!

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