Take Five.

by katelin on February 14, 2014


One. It’s been almost a month since I posted this. Since then, I’m doing better. Not at my best yet, but I’m getting there. In the meantime, I’ve noticed that some people have shied away from talking to me about anything baby related in fear that it may upset me. Since that post I’ve found out three more people who are close to me are pregnant, and I didn’t cry once. I actually felt joy. And not a void. So what I’m saying is, if you’re pregnant or have kids and don’t know what to say to me, It’s Okay. It’s a teeter totter of emotions and situations over here but any words of kindness are welcomed. And don’t ever feel guilty about not knowing what my situation is like because you have kids or are pregnant, I love you just the same.

Two. I have one gray hair. Just one. Well it’s actually silver and it sort of makes me feel like a more conspicuous Rogue from X-Men. I haven’t pulled it out because I sort of like it. Maybe this is 30? Silver hair infiltrating the curls.

Three. I’m sort of jealous of the snow. There. I said it.

With that. I’m headed to the complete opposite of snow this weekend, Palm Desert. Where the weather is supposed to be in the high 80s. And I’ll be spending time by the pool. So that’s lovely.

Four. I applied to be on a game show and now my application is with the producers. I’ll be notified in two weeks whether or not I’m selected. It’s sort of crazy but also sort of awesome. So send some good game show juju my way okay? Thanks.

Five. Because it’s Valentine’s Day, here’s some schmoop. Twelve years ago Matt gave me a rose for Valentine’s Day. We were only friends then but it was an incredibly sweet gesture that should have told me then what a great guy he was. We don’t really do gifts on Valentine’s Day and occasionally do something special for dinner. This weekend, as much as it’ll be about seeing family it’ll also be a weekend to spend some time with each other. And that is all the Valentine’s Day I need.


And what’s been going on with you these days? Any fun plans for Valentine’s Day/ the long weekend? Are you sick of snow?


happy weekend!

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