Sing a Happy Song.

by katelin on February 13, 2014

The past few weeks I’ve had some pretty epic sing-a-longs in my car. EPIC. As in, I’m a totally normal person that dances in her car and pretends like I’m actually a good singer. And a drummer. And air guitar player. 

Basically, my commute sort of sucks so to make it not suck I sing and I dance (don’t worry I’m still paying attention to the road). Lately, I’ve been changing up playlists and songs but I think I’ve found my favorites. The songs that will automatically put me in a great mood, make me want to drum and sing and generally make me forget anything that might be wrong.

The Top Four (of right now) Happy Songs are:

“Always Alright” by Alabama Shakes
“Keep Your Head Up” by Andy Grammer
“Happy” by Pharell
“Amazing” by Josh Kelley


If you haven’t heard them before I highly recommend you look them up, check them out, sing-a-long and have a grand ole time.


What have you been listening to lately? Any songs putting you in a better mood?


happy thursday!

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