And We Had a Really Really Good Time.

by katelin on February 4, 2014

Don’t ever comment on how healthy you’ve been, ever. And don’t think your immune system is the best, because it’s not. I learned this the hard way. And I’m slowly coming back, slowly but surely.

So. Weekend. Remember that? Let’s recap.

Friday: A glorious day off. A day off where I slept in, ran errands, watched movies, enjoyed the view out my balcony.

The evening was a night out with friends. It was Mexican food and margaritas before a night at the theater. The play was intense and the acting was amazing. Afterwards we got drinks, talked about the play, movies and TV and basically every other thing we all have in common which was delightful. A wonderful evening all around.

Saturday: Another morning of sleeping in, cleaning up and productivity followed by an afternoon at Universal Studios.

The evening was for belatedly celebrating my BFF Megan’s 30th birthday. We tripled dated to a delicious spot and spent so much time laughing it’s a surprise any of us had time to eat. We caught up on each other’s lives, drank too much wine and spent a lot of time just having fun. Post dinner we went to a favorite bar of ours for one more drink and a lot more laughs.


Matt and I eventually called it a night before the rest of the group and enjoyed some quality time at home in sweatpants and with NyQuil (for me, not Matt, ha).

Sunday: Fighting off hints of cold or allergies I managed to spend too much money at Target (SHOCKING!) before Matt and I headed to our friends’ house to watch the Super Bowl. I’ll be honest, I was more excited to meet their 5 month old son than I was to watch the game. Which ended up being good since the baby was way more entertaining than that game, ha.


But really, there was good eats, lots of fun people and lots of quality kid time. Twas the loveliest.¬†Unfortunately by the time we got home I could feel myself getting worse and called it an early bed time which didn’t do much since Monday I was pretty out of commission, joy!


Luckily I’m on the road to recovery (thank you DayQuil!) and quite ready for another weekend already.
And how are you? How was your weekend?


happy tuesday!

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