Same Love.

by katelin on January 28, 2014

So I didn’t watch the Grammy’s Sunday. I mean, I didn’t even DVR it. It’s basically one of the few awards shows I could really care less about. And I figure if anything notable happens I can look it up on Monday.

So yesterday, that’s what I did. And I saw the wedding. And I started crying at work. Yep, if there was any hope of having a cryless week, it went right out the window with that.

A little background: Macklemore sang his song “Same Love.” Queen Latifah officiated the marriage of 33 couples. The couples were all mixed: mixed races, nationalities, genders and it was beautiful. And sweet mercy my eyes would not stop watering. I love a good wedding and even though this one was short it was poignant and lovely and just, you need to watch it if you haven’t already.

Update: The video I had posted has been taken down but definitely look it up. So wonderful.

I could have done without Madonna at the end but whatever, the whole thing is magic and makes my soul happy. And I can’t wait for the day that same love will truly exist.


Also. This article is pretty excellent and worth a read.


happy tuesday!

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