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by katelin on January 27, 2014

Weekends are my jam. Seriously, they’re the best. I could use it if they’d all be a little longer, but other than that, no complaints.

Friday: A lovely way to end the week, I got to pick up my friend Zoe and have her stay with us for the weekend, huzzah! We kicked off the weekend in sweatpants, with some wine and bad TV and it was delightful.

Saturday: Started off the morning just right, at Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles. Sara joined Matt, Zoe and I for a whole lot of tasty goodness. A whole lot. It was so fun to hang out, eat tasty things and just enjoy the weekend. After breakfast Zoe and I made our way to the zoo to walk off breakfast, enjoy the gorgeous weather and have some quality girl time.

After the zoo we napped, we had In-N-Out, we hung out outside, we watched some Breaking Bad and Scandal and eventually we got ourselves together to actually go out, ha.

Somehow the three of us rallied and headed out to a whiskey bar. Me, in a whiskey bar? I know, it’s weird but they have wine so it was okay. They also had shuffle board and checkers and it was delightful.

After a few drinks we managed to mosey on over to another bar where there was a live jazz band, more wine and Dr. Drew. No Dr. Drew wasn’t a main attraction but he was there enjoying some dinner with his wife, celebrity spotting win? I guess? Maybe?

The rest of the night was unfortunately spent fighting off a headache and watching comedy specials at home. Even though I was a buzzkill by the end of the evening I was so glad to have so much time with Zoe, I do miss that girl.

Sunday: After dropping Zoe off at the airport (tear!) I came home to enjoy some quality vegging out time by myself. I watched Flowers in the Attic (so twisted and also, good job Lifetime advertising for making me actually curious about this trainwreck, ha), I napped, I journaled a bit. It was delightful.

In the evening Matt and I had a double date with our friends Danny and Amanda to The Stinking Rose. A restaurant based on garlic. I mean, come on. It was so good it should have been illegal. The company was delightful and the food was pretty damn excellent. So needless to say it was the perfect way to cap off the weekend.



And how was your weekend? Any good eats? Any outdoor fun?


happy monday!

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  • A garlic restaurant sounds like somewhere I would like to live.

  • Zoe

    Let’s plan our next visit please!

  • Sounds like a perfect weekend. Hooray for friends, sweatpants and wine. And a restaurant based on garlic? You can’t go wrong with that.

  • Damn, your weekend sounded epic! Breaking Bad, a live jazz band, wine, and In n’ Out are everything I’d want in a weekend!

    I had sushi on Friday night with my hubby and some of our friends. Sunday we went to my little nieces’ birthday party. So fun!

  • What a great weekend! I was home most of the weekend but I did get out and meet up with friends here and there which was nice! This upcoming weekend a friend is turning 30 and it’s the Superbowl so I suspect it’ll be a bit busier!

  • I do love me some Stinking Rose!


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