A New Top Five.

by katelin on January 24, 2014

So as most of you know, I’ve met my entire Top Five Celebrity list. Well my Top Five Fuego/Male Celebrity List. A few years back I actually made a whole Top Ten list but as things tend to do, I changed. New guys entered the picture, new favorites, new obsessions and thus, a new list should be created.

So. My original Top Five stands as is: Keanu Reeves, Joshua Jackson, Craig David, Ryan Gosling and Rob Pattinson. I mean that can’t change. Those guys are still some of my favorites even if they’re acting isn’t the bees knees for everyone, ha. And I’ve met them all, which wasn’t an easy feat.

And now I have a Top Five 2.0

1. Charlie Hunnam
2. Simon Baker
3. Leonardo DiCaprio
4. Chris Hemsworth
5. Jesse Williams
6. Benedict Cumberbatch

I mean, I said Top Five but then I remembered how much I want to be British and needed yet another foreigner on that list, so let’s just make it Six since I’ve already met the first guy on that list, ha.

So there you have it. Are you listening celebrity gods? I’d really like to meet these guys, so let’s make it happen okay? K? Thanks!


Tell me, who’s on your Top Five list? Have you met any of them?


 happy friday!

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