An Open Letter To Leonardo DiCaprio (& Reese Witherspoon).

by katelin on January 10, 2014

Dear Leo (can I call you Leo? I feel like I can),

Hello there. You don’t know me but I know your work quite well (man that sounds creepy, I swear I’m not a creep). I’m a pretty big fan in a non-stalker way and have basically loved every movie you’ve ever done, despite the fact that you die in like 75% of them (maybe more like 85% I’ve lost track over the years).

With that, I’m here today to tell you that as much as I adore you and your baby face, you are in fact almost 40. Crazy, I know. So please, PLEASE stop taking on roles where you’re supposed to be in your mid twenties (a la The¬†Wolf of Wall Street). I know you’ve always been able to play any age up or down, but the fact that there is a little too much hair dye and makeup action going on in the posters and trailer for tWoW concern me.

So please, continue wearing suits and looking dapper all the time. But perhaps acknowledge that it’s okay if you play an older character. We’ll all still be here to love you. In fact, we’ll never let go (Too corny? Oh well, I love Titanic more than I should). And just maybe one day you’ll get that illusive Oscar.

(and everyone else that watches your movies – I’m being bold here but I’m assuming your fans agree with me).

PPS. If you see Reese Witherspoon give her the same message. Girl is also almost 40 and she’s about to play Cheryl Strayed in her 20s. Yes, she looks good for her age and yes, she can probably be aged down but my goodness there are so many other young actresses out there to play those parts. SHARE, Please?

PPSS. If you need a date to the Golden Globes this weekend I’m totally available? Or you know, the Oscars next month? Or just do me a favor and take pictures with Kate Winslet and all will be right in the world again. K? Thanks.



happy weekend!


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