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by katelin on January 8, 2014


Because apparently I don’t have enough focus or motivation to do anything but bullet points yet, I bring to you what’s currently happening over here.

Reading: Where’d You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple. A quirky and fun read to kick off the year.
Listening: “Timber” by Ke$ha & Pitbull. And a lot of One Direction. A LOT.
Excited: Going on the WB Tour again this weekend with some of my favorites.
Watching: Doctor Who. I can’t even talk about the Christmas episode right now. Let’s just remember the good ole days.
Wearing: Sandals. And scarves. Because Los Angeles’ weather makes a whole lot of sense.
Wishing: Someone would come take down my Christmas decorations for me.
Drinking: Downton Abbey wine. I’m pretty sure wine doesn’t get any classier than that.
Loving: That I continue to have so many text/email/in person conversations about the shows I love and have subsequently gotten other people to love as well (Sons of Anarchy, Scandal, Sherlock, Downton Abbey, the list goes on – basically I’m quite good at convincing people to watch my shows so we can talk about them!)
Loathing: Acne. I mean. Wasn’t this supposed to be over when I was thirteen? Honestly. It’s annoying.
Admiring: Anyone that is currently in a cold climate and people that manage to wake up before 7 without complaining about it. Also,  people that function without naps. I want to be you one day.


And how are you these days? Easing into 2014 I hope?


happy wednesday!

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