The Holiday Numbers (2nd Edition)

by katelin on January 2, 2014

Somehow it’s 2014 and the holidays have flown by. As you noticed I took a bit of a break and oh was it the loveliest. So to ease myself back into the internet here’s a little bit about what I’ve been up to.

My December To-Do List: Check, check and CHECK! No really, I did everything I wanted to, December WIN.

Times I watched The Holiday: Six
Times I watched Love Actually: Four
Inches chopped off of my hair: Five
Year my ‘Happy New Year’ tiara survived: Four
UntitledSets of string lights being used in our apartment: Seven
Gingerbread lattes consumed: TOO MANY
Cute babies played with: Three

Nights spent laughing too hard with friends: So many
Nights spent at a bar: Only one
Number of gluten free brownies consumed: At least two pans
Number of people I showed off my galaxy tights to: Nine


Days with snow: ZERO (seriously move to Southern California everyone, it’s delightful)
Hours of sleep: A lot. But I could still use some more
Times my sister and I unintentionally matched: Twice

And how were your holidays? Super awesome? Please fill me in on anything because I’m so out of tune with the online world and all that jazz. Hope everything is magical and gliterry.



happy thursday!

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