My December To-Do List.

by katelin on December 6, 2013

I mean. Stop it. It’s December already? Christmas is less than three weeks away? Nope. No way. No how. Ah!

With that I feel like I need to put myself into holiday overdrive. I don’t feel totally Christmassy and I don’t like it. So. I’ve come up with some things I need to do/will do in the next three weeks:

Turn our place into a Winter Wonderland. Or a nutcracker army. Either, or.
Watch The Holiday. And Love Actually. A ridiculous amount of times.
Spend less time blogging and TV watching and more time reading or baking.
Send out Christmas cards.
Not stress out.
Have a kick ass tacky sweater party.
Drive around and look at lights while listening to Christmas music.
Visit Universal Studios in all it’s Grinchmasness.


What’s on your December to-do list? Do you even have one? Are you totally baffled by the holidays like I am?


happy weekend!

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