Three Cheers to Family Time.

by katelin on December 3, 2013

And I’m back.

Sort of.

I mean the real world is so overrated sometimes. And by sometimes I mean most times.

I just spent the past long holiday weekend with so much family it was glorious. And lovely. And wonderous. And just. It was the best. And it was just another one of those trips where I couldn’t possibly recap the whole thing, but rather just break it down in snippets.

This was the sunset every night. AND IT WASN’T BAD.
There were silly photo ops with cousins and siblings. There was a whole lot of “Oh My God” and teenager talk. There was so much food I’m pretty sure I’ve gained at least ten pounds. There was way too much wine drinking. There were golf tournaments and tearful speeches. There were so many laughs and so many hugs.


There were nights bundled up with scarves. There was the big group photo. There were rowdy game nights and long talks with family I don’t get to see that often. There was morning coffee with an ocean view. There was little time to read but rather to enjoy everyone’s company. There were pedicures and champagne. There was putt putt and fried oreos.


It was just the trip we all needed. And I only wish we could do again soon.


And how was your Thanksgiving? Did you have some fun family time? Good times? Fun times? Super times?


happy tuesday!

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  • I LOVE your face in that last one! So glad you had a great Thanksgiving! Ours was relaxed but wonderful and I didn’t work Friday or yesterday so I’m not looking forward to returning to work today…whomp whomp!

  • Yay! So glad you had such a great weekend!


  • I love you and Matt together, so much. =) Such joy you both have! Love it. <3

  • B

    What an amazing sun set! I had a plenty of family time over the weekend, maybe too much! LOL

  • Looks like such a lovely weekend! I love the picture of you and the sunset.

  • awww so nice! Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Do you have ANY idea how HAPPY you look in these photos!! Serious family vacations is something we have never done… Now I want to organize something like this one day! :)

  • I LOVE when I see someone else call it Putt Putt!! Ever since I moved to California (forever ago, but still…), I get these blank stares when I say Putt Putt. It’s all “Mini-Golf” here. Blah to that! PUTT PUTT FOREVER!!

  • Um yeah that looks like a great holiday weekend! LOVE the sunset too. Hope Santa was good to you!

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