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by katelin on November 26, 2013

As most of you have noticed Hollywood has been absent from the blog lately. It’s for a reason that I can’t really get into just yet. However, it’s the kick off of the holidays and you’ll probably be with family and friends and it’s my duty to keep you updated on all the happenings of Hollywood so you can chime in when you hear someone talk about “Olitz” or “Angelina won another Oscar.”

So in lieu of a full on Hollywood post I’ll just update you on some the biggest (and my favorite) happenings in Hollyweird:

Miley Cyrus is still half naked, sticking her tongue out.¬†And annoying. And I don’t even know why I’m telling you about her.

Ginnifer Goodwin is engaged and ¬†pregnant. She currently plays Snow White on Once Upon a Time. Her baby daddy is Josh Dallas, who plays Prince Charming. I MEAN. How cute is that!? Their child better have some fairytale name is all I’m saying.

Angelina Jolie, Steve Martin and Angela Lansbury all won honorary Oscars. And gave the best speeches ever. Watch. Enjoy. Maybe tear up a little bit.

Kanye West released a ridiculous music video for his song “Bound 2.” I could barely get through a minute of it. I assume that the Seth Rogen/James Franco version is much more entertaining.

Thor 2. Chris Hemsworth looks good shirtless. And in 3D. And it was just a generally entertaining movie if you’re into the Marvel world. Also, Tom Hiddleston, let’s not forget him. He’s pretty great too.

Catching Fire. I haven’t seen it yet. But I’ve only heard great things. This weekend. It’s happening. And I’m SO EXCITED.

Sons of Anarchy is MY FAVORITE show on TV right now (er maybe tied with Scandal, but clearly they’re SO DIFFERENT). It’s also the most heart attack inducing crazy fest. I love it just so much, crazy to think the season is almost over.

Scandal is also MY FAVORITE. I mean, I’ve watched the Vermont scene from last week’s episode at least six times. Olivia and Fitz slay me. I’m so conflicted, but I love them. And also, can I have that house in Vermont? Sweet mercy.

Maya Rudolph is getting a variety show on NBC and I really, really hope this works out. She’s hilarious and wonderful so this could have some potential.

Matt started watching Doctor Who. So out of curiosity I watched some Doctor Who. And now we both sort of love it. He loves it more than I do, but you guys. It’s so strange. And nerdy. And fantastical. And Matt Smith is my favorite doctor. And the whole hubub with the 50th Anniversary is everywhere and it’s okay if you have no idea what a Tardis is. Just know, the doctor is involved. But here’s a beginner’s guide in case you’re curious.

And that my friends is what’s happening in Hollywood. For the most part. On a slimmer scale.




happy tuesday!

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