Fire in the Hole.

by katelin on November 20, 2013

Where do I even start?

A weekend with my best friend. Well more than a weekend. A really long weekend. Perhaps the longest amount of time we’ve spent together since graduating college seven years ago. I would recap except it’s a blur of awesome. A blur of happiness and ridiculous photo ops and just. I can tell you a few things but the rest is secret (not really, just not blog appropriate, ha).

We took Fireball shots (and said “Fire in the Hole!” when we did).We made new friends at the Ohio State bar. We got nice and buzzed before scolding 16 year old boys at the Bobcats/Heat game. Jen swooned over the Bird and we both cheered for him at the top of our lungs (“Put in the Biiiiiiiiiiiird!”). We were the most happy and the most ridiculous.


We learned that if you ever want a Cracker Barrel to yourself to go at 10pm on a Saturday night. And you can laugh until you cry and no one will care. And you can take silly photos. And my goodness.

We watched cheesy movies (Pitch Perfect, The Family Stone, whatever was on the Hallmark channel), excellent movies (12 Years a Slave) and our shows (Toddlers & Tiaras, Homeland, Scandal, Homeland, Sons of Anarchy). We swooned together over some of our favorite leading men. And laughed when we sighed at the same time (it was usually when Charlie Hunnam was shirtless or Fitz and Olivia were together on Scandal).

We drank a lot of wine. A LOT. And never got a hangover (High five! Celebrate! We’re not that old yet!).

I curled up with my fur nephew and niece (and only sneezed a little bit!).

We drank more wine.

We took ridiculous photos. We got fabulous manicures. We ate at odd hours and perused our favorite shops.

I had tears streaming down my face from too much laughing. So much laughing. So many random voices. So much reminiscing while making new memories. It was just the girly weekend my heart, body and soul needed.

I’m so grateful to have Jen in my life and so happy for our weekend of pure fun. With my real life knocking on my door again it was nice to get away and I’ll be cracking up over our adventures for quite a while to come.



And how have you been?


happy wednesday!

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