The Most Hollywood Desk Art Ever.

by katelin on October 29, 2013

So. It’s Tuesday. Which would usually be  Hollywood Tuesday roundup of the my favorite celeb news around. But as you’ve noticed I’ve sort of cut back on those for a bit. There’s a story there but it’s a little complicated to get into at the moment (then again if you saw my tweets a while back you probably have an idea).

Anyhoozits, I figured I’d still use today to give you a little bit different version of Hollywood pop culture goodness. More like the pop culture tour of my every day surroundings.

My desk if a plethora of family photos and Matt photos and random memorabilia that I couldn’t find a place for at home. I also have name tags and a calendar and ticket stubs and basically I have a lot of stuff. I also have a little corner dedicated to some of my favorite celeb encounters:

Desk celebrities

From Left to Right we have: Keanu Reeves “Ted” bobble head, me and Craig David (part of the best April of my life), me and Charlie Hunnam (OHMYGODHE’S TOUCHING ME) and me and The Gos (after a week of psuedo stalking I made it happen).

Ah, memories.

Clearly meeting celebrities is one of my favorite things to do in Hollywood and displaying the results at work is just fun (that and Matt probably wouldn’t want these pictures framed around our house, ha). I also have this gem on display that was a feature at my bridal shower years ago:

Desk celeb
So yes, in case you didn’t know Speed is my all time favorite movie. It’s the best. And this is the most ridiculous desk art ever, ha. Also, the Keanu thing? Love it. Right? Basically my desk is like it’s own tourist attraction.

With that, next month I’ll be heading to an actual tourist attraction with some delightfully fake celebrities to take pictures and add to my wall. A wax museum of fake celebrities if you will. Well not just any, but the Hollywood Wax Museum. I haven’t actually been there in years so I’m quite excited to head back and hope they’ve got some wax versions of my favorites on display, perfect for photo opps.


Is your desk covered in random celeb photos? Have you been to a wax museum? Am I a crazy person having so much randomness on my very public desk space, ha?


happy tuesday!

 & check out the Hollywood Wax Museum on Facebook.

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