This is 29.

by katelin on October 23, 2013

Popcorn for dinner.
Falling asleep early and waking up even earlier.
Friday nights you don’t mind staying in.
Not giving an actual fuck if someone sees you dancing in your car.
Shamelessly loving fictional people.
Spending weekend nights with family playing dominoes.
Building forts because you can.
Not knowing where you want to go in your career, and that’s okay.
Traveling as often as possible.
More baby showers than bridal showers.
Feeling old because your baby brothers have girlfriends.
Feeling even older that one of them is headed to college next year.
Throwing out your back carrying books.
Having a hangover just thinking about taking shots.
Finally feeling like you have some fashion sense.
Buying fancy cheese for no reason in particular.
Embracing the friends that are always there for you.
Learning to let go of the friends that aren’t.
Wearing a two piece.
Not being ashamed you own one pair of high heels and rarely wear makeup.
Making time for phone calls instead of texts.
Sending thank you cards.
Admitting when you don’t understand something that everyone else does.
Looking forward and hoping for the best.

happy wednesday!

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