Dear Target, Stop Being Awesome.

by katelin on October 17, 2013

No seriously. Stop it. I can’t stop buying stuff from you. It’s ridiculous. My wallet (purchased from you) is slowing crying. My Target credit card bill is higher than my regular credit card. Apparently this is what I do, I buy things from you and I CANNOT STOP.

In the past three weeks I’ve purchased the following:

Two throw pillows for our guest room. Much to Matt’s chagrin.

Two shirts. One of which I can’t stop wearing!
#ootd 10.17.13A Pumpkin Cheesecake scented candle. Because of course I need more candles! Pumpkins! Yum! Smelly!

This cake stand. I don’t even make cakes. But I’ve always wanted a cake stand. So I got it. Someone send help. I need an intervention.

This purse (IN LOVE). It’s my new every day purse. And it’s WONDERFUL.

Keith Urban’s new CD. Because of course I still buy CDs. I mean, it’s KEITH. The man practically owns my musical soul.

Baby clothes. I know Target, you probably think I already have a kid with all the baby things I buy. Alas I do not. But that doesn’t stop me from stocking up for friends with new babies and older babies, and BABY CLOTHES ARE SO CUTE.


So Target, cut it out. Take a break on the cuteness okay? My wallet needs a break.  I still love you way more than I should and promise I’ll only cheat on you a little bit with World Market. Ah.


Any fun buys for you lately? Do you have a Target obsession like mine?


Wait don’t tell me. I don’t need to get any ideas. Someone just take my credit card away.



 happy thursday!

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  • Marshall’s, TJ Maxx and Piperlime – conveniently linked to my Banana card – it IS the devil. Oh, and Gap.

  • Lynn

    Have you discovered the Target Cartwheel app? They have all sorts of coupons towards stuff – so you can feel thrifty or just find an excuse to spend more money with the savings :)

  • I want a pumpkin cheesecake candle. :(

  • Target, be-still my ever loving heart. I have a weekly target date (where I go by myself with a list/coupons) and take my time going down each and every aisle.

    p.s. that polka dot shirt is a winner! so cute!

  • I miss Target so much!!! Love!


  • Went to a new City Target last night. Left with boots… comfy comfy beautiful boots. :D That place is dangerous.

    I do a lot of our grocery shopping there and try to stick to the list, which lately I’ve been doing. But when the girls are here? All bets are off. Books, the dollar spot, clothes. Oh and baby clothes? yeah, I totally get stuff for my friends with babies there. How could you not?

    My last fun purchase day was on my birthday: two pairs of jeans, a cardigan, a fun blouse, and two t-shirts. The last four things were from JCrew and on sale so that’s a win, right?

  • That candle! I bought it for a friend and I really really want to go back and get another one because YUM IN MY NOSE. I hadn’t seen that cake plate yet, but oh my. Love!

    Oh, Target.

  • Haha I’m the exact same way. I’ve started making sure I have a list before I go and going in directly to those departments or I end up with things I had no intentions of buying. Love Target!

  • Jme

    Target is my weakness. Every time I go in there, my Target CC cries. I have to go in there today – wish me luck!

  • B

    Don’t even get me started on Target! I swear they put something in the air to make you buy things you don’t need.

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