The Quiet Life.

by katelin on October 7, 2013

So apparently Fall is here. Or so I’m told. Although Pasadena decided that 90 degrees was the more appropriate weekend weather. I, still disagree. And am clearly very ready for Fall things.

Friday: After a productive day of working from home, Matt and I spent our evening at his friend’s house for a birthday party. You guys, the deck. This house had a gorgeous deck (that Matt has actually worked on, since this house is one of his biggest construction sites) that wrapped around and had a fire pit and a gorgeous view of the city. I drank red wine, listened to music and chatted the evening with my husband and some friends.

Saturday: Woke up absurdly early and started my morning with a walk. Afterward Matt and I had a little breakfast date a diner nearby. We ate outside and you know, that’s really all I needed. The rest of our morning was quite lazy watching TV and napping and just being. Eventually Matt headed out to watch some ASU football and I had an ice cream date with my younger brother. It was nice to hang out with him for a bit. It was just as nice to take my other brother on some errands with me and treat him to an overdue birthday present. That night my family and my uncle came over to our place to watch the second half of the ASU/Notre Dame game. I pretended to care for my husband’s sake and overall it was quite fun to hang out with everyone.

Sunday: After another night of not being able to sleep I got up quite early and went for another walk around my neighborhood. And what do you know? Pasadena is pretty gorgeous at 7am on a Sunday morning.


After my walk my mom came to pick me up and we headed to a matinee showing of Gravity. You guys, Sandy rocks it. There’s a reason she’s my favorite. After the movie the rest of my afternoon was spent spending too much money at Target (typical), reading, napping, cleaning, relaxing, not watching football, listening to Matt scream about football, dinner dating and journaling. So yes, a good day all around. A very good day to end a very relaxing weekend.


And how was your weekend? Any morning strolls? Did you see Gravity? Are you as afraid of space as I am now, ha?


happy monday!

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