Five Things on the Emotional Spectrum.

by katelin on August 23, 2013

[Taking a page from Ashley’s book with this one]

. I booked a flight to visit my best friend Jen in November. I had been eyeing flights for a while and finally saw a deal and just, I miss that girl. So I booked it and I am SO EXCITED. We always have the best weekends together and I know this one will be no different. There will be laughs and shenanigans and good times. And I cannot wait.

. One thing I left out of my weekend recap was that I cried. A lot. I honestly don’t know how I managed to keep crying. But I did. I cried watching Say Yes to the Dress, I cried because I was angry, I cried because I was tired, I cried happiness at the wedding. My tear ducts have seriously been working in overdrive lately, it’s ridiculous. Basically, I have a whole lot of emotions, all of the time.

. My emotions also can’t make up their mind. I don’t want to be angry. But it’s hard. Every freaking female in my family has gotten pregnant without issue. Even when they weren’t trying. And I hate feeling angry, envious, whatever. I hate it. But I also can’t help it. WHY? WHY am I the one with the problems? I was the good one. I was the one that always practiced safe sex. I was the one that was responsible. And now that I’m ready, my body isn’t. And it fucking sucks. I’m trying really hard to not be angry. So maybe that’s why I end up crying? Or I move past it. That’s the plan.

. In totally awesome, non-angry and super exciting news I interviewed Maggie Siff, yesterday. She plays Tara on Sons of Anarchy. As in that show I’m always screaming about in all caps. As in it’s my favorite and she was delightful. And I had knots in my stomach but they went away the minute we started chatting on the phone. She is so sweet and genuinely lovely. I can’t wait to share the interview with everyone when it goes live on The Daily Quirk. Also squeeeeeeeeeee.

. And Sunday is the Sons of Anarchy Boot Ride and Rally. If you remember last year, it was a huge success. And so awesome. And I’m SO EXCITED. I have high hopes. And I have a shirt I bought just for the occassion that is slightly ridiculous. And I just want to re-meet everyone again. And be in the midst of other crazy SOA fans. And ah, you guys. Expect a flurry of tweets if I get another picture with Charlie Hunnam because COME ON.


And that my friends is what it’s like to have almost every emotion in the span of a week. It’s a bit nutty.

How are you? A bit more sane I hope? Are you watching Sons of Anarchy yet?


happy weekend!

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