Worth It.

by katelin on August 14, 2013

I start every morning with the Today Show. I mean sometimes I’ll switch to Say Yes to the Dress (or whatever other wedding show TLC will suck me in with) if I don’t  like the segment, but it always starts with Today.

Yesterday morning was no different as I was walking in between rooms getting ready when I happened to hear them say something about Jimmy Fallon. I really wasn’t paying attention because honestly Jimmy seems like a nice guy, but I could usually care less about an interview with him. Until it turned out he was going to talk about his new daughter.

And then I was crying.

Okay maybe not immediately but I had to sit down, watch the interview and eventually tears were streaming down my face. Why you ask? Because Jimmy was the happiest father ever. And it made me happy. And made me sad. And just.

He talked about why they didn’t tell anyone (not even family) that they were expecting a baby (via surrogate) because they had told people in the past and it didn’t happen and it was depressing.  He talked about her name, Winnie, and how it’s after a lake where him and his wife got engaged and how she’s also a WIN (and then more tears came because holy sweetness). And then He told people that were still trying to not lose hope, to hang in there (and I lost it).

He seriously was beaming happiness and I was just so excited for this person I don’t even know. I was so happy for him but at the same time I was crying because I WANT THAT. Exactly that. That happiness. That ecstatic joy. That little miracle. I want that.

And like Jimmy said, we won’t give up, we’ll try anything and everything and it will be so very worth it.




happy wednesday!

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