Practicing a Little Self Love.

by katelin on May 24, 2013

When I was poolside in Vegas I took this picture with Nicole and Doni and instantly instagrammed it. Maybe it was the mimosas or the pure happiness I was feeling, but I didn’t hesitate a second to put a picture of me in a two piece on the internet.

Bloggers in Sin City '13

Fast forward to Monday night when I was looking through my pictures and I uploaded the same picture to Flickr with a little more reserve. It was out there. For the world to see. Me, in a two piece.

Before Vegas I had tried on the bikini for the first time in two years and asked Matt if I looked like a hooker. He said I didn’t. So I went with it. My boobs looked like boobs and not hooker boobs, so I was okay. I still packed my one piece just in case I chickened out.

And clearly I didn’t chicken out. Part of it was due to Brandy.

So I wore it, I loved it and I was actually complimented on it. And the world didn’t end. And it was okay.

I’ve never really talked about a struggle with weight here because it’s been so hit and miss over the years and has morphed into some struggle with my boobs or my height or whatever else is plaguing me that day. I’m working on it. I’m getting much better, clearly.

And it’s stories like this one and  people like Brandy and everyone else that reached out to me on Twitter when I shared my nervousness over the picture in the first place.


So, eff it I say.  One piece, two piece, any piece – I need to be happy in my own skin and I am working on it and I am so close to being there.




happy weekend!

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