Because, Vegas.

by katelin on May 23, 2013

Clearly it’s taken me a while to get my thoughts together about this past weekend. And really, I still don’t really have the words. I mean I do, but I don’t. Usually I’d recap this weekend by the day and all the things we did but I feel like even that wouldn’t fully capture the amazingness I experienced.

So with that, I’m just going to share the things I learned this weekend. Like a whole bunch of random points accompanied by pictures and jokes and mish mash and just, here we go –

It’s never too early in the evening to wear a ridiculous tutu.

Drunk shopping is the best kind of shopping.

Also the most entertaining.
Vegas shipping

Canada’s border patrol consists of a polar bear eating salmon.

Glitter hair spray is a thing and it is glorious. Almost as glorious as glitter cocaine, almost.


If Terra is crying, I’m probably crying too

Amber has the best muppet dance moves ever. Exhibit A.

Sometimes you really just have to tell a guy to give up, it’s not going to happen.

8 second hugs are what bonds are made of. And awkwardness.

If a bunch of people are dressed in white, everyone will assume you all just got married, to each other. Totally makes sense.

Erin is the happiest drunk person that ever was.

Juice box wine is the classiest way to drink it
Bloggers in Sin City '13

Or in a stacked glass because Stack Wines is just SO SMART.

Pool time breakfast burritos taste better than regular breakfast burritos

If you’re riding an escalator, you’re escalating. It’s also an excellent spot for a photo op.

 Casey has more energy than anyone I’ve ever met and it’s contagious and wonderful and someone get that man a dance show stat.

Also let’s get Jamie a show, The Jamie Show if you will. And they will serve Mac and Cheese.

PopChips are excellent hangover food or regular food or any food.

Cirque du Soleil’s O is amazing but also incredibly soothing. So if you’re tired, don’t go. You might fall asleep.

Tara and Brandy take amazingly entertaining photos. All of the time. And their hair is fabulous. And they make me smile. A whole lot.

Drunk people have no filters, hence why a woman stumbled over asking Tara if she was Canadian and asked me if I was mixed.

300 Million dollars would sufficiently fund The Fucking Awesome Academy where everyone would call Brandy Professor Xavier.

Nic always looks fabulous, even when we say “be crazy!”

Berto and Bradley are so debonair in matching suits, they make Miami Vice look good.


Nicole is a rock star. But I actually already knew that.

And FIVE years in Vegas together is a most wonderful feeling.

Because, Vegas. Is a legit answer for almost anything and everything that happened last weekend and the days following.

I am so blessed to have met so many wonderful people and know that they will always be in my life.


So yes, I learned a lot of things. I learned that people took chances to be there and that we all stepped out of our comfort zones. And I realized that you can throw your own judgements and concerns aside for the weekend and that everyone is so loving and supportive. I realized that it’s okay to be insanely happy and to do crazy things. I learned that my blog makes people happy which in turn made me blush and then even more happy.

So thank you Nicole, thank you Vegas and thank you every single one of you that attended Bloggers in Sin City any of the five years. You each made my life a little more wonderful and a whole lot more entertaining.

[And if you want a better recap of four days in Vegas I very much recommend Dominique’s Storify. It’s fabulous and just, Vegas.]


happy thursday! 

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  • I wasn’t even there and this made me all teary eyed.
    You met some of my most favorite people that I’m dying to meet and obviously had a ridiculously good time.
    I can’t believe it was 5 years ago that I first met you and Matt. Seems impossible. But also hooray for longevity of friendships and blogs, and yes, your blog ALWAYS makes me happy. Always.

  • Wish I could do Vegas with you again. Best.

  • All of this was my favourite. ALL OF IT. I can’t even begin to compile a list of my favourite moments because it’s impossible to narrow things down. I mean, we wore mint green scuba shorts and took photos in them. Life does not get better. So glad we are friends and so glad that each year at BiSC we got a little crazier, a little closer and (if it’s even possible), more fun.

    Canada and the polar bear welcome you here any time.


    • MEXICO.


  • :-)

  • Katelin, you are: One of my first day-job coworkers, the lady to introduce me to 20SB, the 5 year vet to introduce me to BiSC. You’re a legend in my book and I’ll always look up to you.

    So no, Katelin. Thank *you*.

  • MAXIE looks amazing! Everyone is gorge!

  • Oh, well, this just makes me so sad I never had a chance to attend BiSC when I could. Oh, well! This post is so full of happiness and goodness (and sparkles!). I love all the pictures and you are just lovely. :)

  • I really did cry ALL MY TEARS in Vegas, but this post gave me warm fuzzies because it really was the absolute best time and it’s brought the absolute best people into my life.

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