Six Years of Something Pretty.

by katelin on May 10, 2013

Oh heyyyyyyy there. Seriously, isn’t that what you envision little Katelin saying? I do. Hence why I had to share it. Because apparently I was flexible. And adorable and showing off some sweet moves and pink shoes.

But that was really it. No other reason to share this picture.

However, it is the week of birthdays, anniversaries, memories and now another birthday. The birthday of this little blog. And today it is SIX. SIX YEARS OLD.

SIX years I’ve been pouring my random life events and Hollywood thoughts (they’ll be back I promise) and wine reviews (those will make a comeback eventually too, I swear) and photos and love of tutus and just, everything into this little space. And somehow I’ve kept it going all this time and you’ve stuck around to keep reading.

And for that, I am so grateful. So happy and so everything.

This blog has become a huge part of who I am and who I want to be and this little community is my happy place.

So thank you for sticking around.


Cheers to more adventures! More writing! More lovely!


happy weekend! 

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  • Six years? Holy wow. I love that picture of little you! The things we did, wore and etc. as kids =)

    Happy sixth year to your blog and I hope for many more years of reading and your writing!



    happy six, friend!!

  • Six whole years?! That’s crazy! Congrats lady :)

  • San

    Congrats! That is awesome :)

  • Congrats on six years! And that photo of you is too cute. :)

  • Wow! Congrats on six fun years!!! love the photo!!!!

  • Man, does time ever fly when you’re having fun, or WHAT?! Happy six years to your blog :)

  • Happy Blogiversary!!!! It’s amazing how much a part of us these little virtual spaces on the internet become, isn’t it?

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