Bloggers in Sin City: A Place of Fabulous

by katelin on May 9, 2013

Four years ago a few bloggers tossed around the idea of meeting up in Vegas. And then a few turned into twenty. And I had a free hotel room to use. So I persuaded Matt to come with me to Vegas to “meet my internet friends” and thus the first Bloggers in Sin City happened.

There was a fountain jump, an airplane and yard drinks. There was a fancy bathroom, a cheese plate and lots of laughs. It’s crazy to think that one spontaneous weekend of a few bloggers from all over would create something so magical.

The second year I went by myself and stayed in a room with girls I knew and girls I didn’t. I got drunk on the strip, jumped in a fountain and wore my pajamas in public. There was a drunken swat team and a whole lot of hugs. And a whole lot more people.

The third year Matt came with me again and we were classy and we saw shows. We jumped in another fountain, we laughed til it hurt and we talked about West Wing and dance moves were born. There was dessert and smiles and pool time and dance parties. And there was a bachelorette party and love.

The fourth year I went solo and drove out with some of my favorite ladies. My smiles was the biggest. The jokes were the silliest. We saw a sexy show and jumped in another fountain. I had drinks, I had desserts, there was pool time. More dance moves happened and I truly realized how special it really was.


One week from today will be Year Five. The Final Year. The Epic Conclusion (Like Hangover III I suppose?). And I couldn’t be more excited. Excited to see some of my favorite people that I only get to see once a year, excited to tan by the pool, excited to see a Cirque show, excited to create new ridiculous memories. And so excited to just be.

Every year I’ve come to realize just how special the internet is and how awesome Bloggers in Sin City is. It’s a weekend of love and a weekend of being together and being one big happy included group of amazing.

So if you’re not going to be there, I’m sorry. And be prepared for a whole lot of Vegas filled crazy tweets and pictures and posts about things that don’t really make sense. And if you are going to be there, I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU AND TACKLE HUG YOU AND LAUGH AND SHOW OFF MY TUTU AND WEEEEEEE.


Bloggers in Sin City, I am so ready for you. You don’t even know.



happy thursday!

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  • Oh my gosh I forgot about the fancy bathroom from the first trip. That was so much fun. I so wish I could be there this year, especially since it’s the last year. (also, was it really FOUR YEARS ago already that I first met you? Wow. Time flies.) Have so much fun, fountain swim and jump for me, and hug everyone I know (and those I don’t).

  • Ali

    Oh, those were the days…!!

  • Clearly I have some serious feelings about BiSC, because THIS TOTALLY MADE MY CRY.

    Sigh. Adore you.

  • Can’t wait to see you! It’s going to be an epic year…

  • ROAD TRIP! Can’t wait!

  • Will be watching from the internets! :-)

  • 007 SWAT TEAM. Also, all the high fives. Also, it’s the BEST WEEKEND ALL YEAR. So excited to close it out with you and big cheers to ALL FIVE YEARS :)

  • Oh, holy flashback, Batman, I remember taking some of the fountain photo during Year 2.

    I wonder which fountain you guys will pick this year? ;)

  • So sad I won’t be making it again… But wait, why is this the last year?! No more Vegas for bloggers after this?!

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