B is for Bacon & Birthdays.

by katelin on May 6, 2013

So this is the time of year we have all of the birthdays and the weird weather and lots of reasons to celebrate. So that’s pretty much what this past weekend was. A whole lot of everything.

Friday: After a particularly long week at work, Matt and I had dinner with my aunt and uncle to celebrate our birthdays. It was so fun to hang out and chat and play pool and take tequila shots.

Tequila Shots
All in all the night was so laid back and just, the best.

Saturday: Ran some errands in the morning before going to lunch at the most baconny place ever, Slater’s 50/50. Matt and I had been wanting to try it for a while and his birthday was the perfect reason to go. We started with fried Mac & Cheese, because OF COURSE. Then we each had our bacon/beef burgers, mine was topped with a fried egg and avocado and cheese while Matt’s was bacon on bacon and more bacon. Megan and JR joined the party too and we all enjoyed some drinks and some burgerness

Slaters 50/50
After burgers we made our way to a scotch bar to watch the Derby and play shuffleboard, as people tend to do. The afternoon was awesome followed by a fun night of Tripoli and and margaritas with some family and just, the best kind of weekend.

Sunday: Started the day off with brunch with Matt’s dad and some friends to celebrate Matt’s birthday followed by an afternoon of buying his gift, cleaning up the apartment a bit and relaxing a whole lot more. While Matt napped I finally watched the last two episodes of Friday Night Lights. And just. It needs it’s own post again. Because that show. THAT SHOW. Gave me so many emotions and drained so many tears. And just I loved it so MUCH. And then there was more relaxing and movie watching.¬†Basically we did a whole lot of low key things and eating things and just, an excellent weekend combination.


And today, today is Matt’s actual birthday. So feel free to share some Twitter love to my husband that doesn’t really use Twitter, ha. ¬†Happiest of Birthdays to my favorite guy, xo. Wee!


And how was your weekend? Any birthdayness? Some good eats?


happy monday!

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