Parking Scmarking.

by katelin on May 3, 2013

Maid, Personal Chef or Personal Driver?

Hands down I’m pick a Personal Driver any day of the week. I mean yes, cleaning is awful but I could do it, I do do it. And as much as I don’t like cooking some nights I wouldn’t need a chef, that’s what take out is for. Or popcorn. Either, or. But a driver? Sweet mercy. That would be the day.

That would be the BEST DAY actually (especially if it was Morgan Freeman, amiright?)

It’s no secret that I detest driving. Truly, truly detest it. I don’t mind being a passenger (hell I was a passenger until I got my license at age 20) and if I don’t have to drive, even better. My car accident two years ago definitely didn’t help my lack of desire to drive, it made me more anxious and just, frustrated.

But, what’s worse than driving? Parking. Bah.

Wednesday night I got into my second related parking debacle (albeit the first one was 9 years ago, my parking ego is still bruised). Our old apartment had a parking lot outside, big spots, nothing to¬†maneuver¬†around. The new place has a parking garage with poles and other cars. And apparently those poles just jumped right out at me because I managed to scrape my car’s front bumper, BAH.

My car is still a baby. And I’ve already managed to ding it. SIX DAYS it took me. I’m only praying that this garage won’t plague me with more dings and mishaps but rather an improved skill of parking. Although I doubt it.

So yes, if you want to drive me around that would be great. Or if you just want to take over parking my car for me, that would work too.

Really I just want teleportation to be a thing already, seriously how are we not there yet?



happy accident free weekened everyone!

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