29 is Wine Time.

by katelin on April 30, 2013

Remember that one time we packed up our first apartment, celebrated my birthday and then walked everything over to our new apartment in the span of five days? Yeah, me neither. Because it’s been a blur. A crazy wonderful blur of my birthday and this big new crazy adventure in adulthood.

Thursday: My birthday! Wee! I wanted to keep it fairly low key since we were moving the next day so Matt and I grabbed dinner at a fabulously delicious champagne and dessert bar. I did the whole three course shebang and all of it was mouth watering. Pair that with three glasses of wine and it was awesome.


After dinner we met up with Megan and JR for more drinks (for them, I know my age and I did NOT want a hangover) and good times. It was quite the way to ring in my birthday.

Friday: MOVING DAY. Sweet mercy.

Like I said before, our new place is SOCLOSE to our old place but that didn’t make the moving in process any easier. Luckily we had lots of helping hands (THANKS EVERYONE FOR BEING AWESOME) to carry and pull and trot things over while I mostly delegated where they went in the new place and started the unpacking party. There was a lot of OHMYGOSH and BAH and just, THINGS. EVERYWHERE. Our second bedroom basically became a holding dock for everything I didn’t know where to put, and that’s okay.

In the midst of moving my parents (and Matt’s mom) surprised us with the patio furniture I put on my wish list, so that was amazing. Also, I AM IN LOVE. And come summertime and warm nights there will be some pictures and a post.

And then at the end of moving day I received a beautiful bouquet of belated birthday flowers from my friends at Nintendo and it was just the speck of brightness to pretty up our haphazard apartment.

So yes, a day of moving. A night of eating take out and passing out in our bed, in our new places. If there emotions to be had, I had them.

Saturday: I took a break from moving to enjoy a wonderful girls’ brunch. And wonderful it was as it was the first time I’d seen Jamie in over TWO YEARS and it was so nice to have her back in LA. Also, we all ate delicious things. And talked Twilight and things, and just the perfect dose of happy heart.

Afterwards I trekked back to Pasadena to celebrate my youngest brother’s confirmation (while getting a bit celebrated myself with birthday gifts) and hang out with family. We spent the rest of the afternoon unpacking some more before tossing in the towel to go to my sister-in-law’s parents house for a BBQ. Not cooking? Hang out with family and friends? Yes, please and thank you.

Sunday: Remind me to never move again. Because by this point I was tired of cleaning up our old apartment but it had to be done. And it was tedious. But my mother is a savior. She came with lunch and her drawer lining skills for our new place. And then before I knew it it was time for my birthday shindig! I kept it low key with a Sunday happy hour (inspired by Drea’s birthday loveliness) at a lovely little wine bar. There were family and friends and wine and truffle fries and just, it was the happiest.


So yes. The bestest. And the most exhausting. But the most exciting. Hurray birthdays! Hurray new apartments! Hurray new adventures!




And how was your weekend? Your week? Any big things I missed? It’s been crazy, I don’t even know what month it is right now. So hold tight while I catch up on life please.


happy tuesday!

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