Twenty Nine.

by katelin on April 25, 2013


Every year on my birthday I get “Seasons of Love” stuck in my head. Because really, 525, 600 minutes. A year. It’s all gone. So many moments and memories. And just, I’m a sap. And I love musicals. But that’s besides the point.

This past year I did things. I made changes. I cooked more. I did more scary shit (trapeze anyone? hiking things? cooking chicken?). I wore things I didn’t think I could wear (red lipstick, ridiculous tutus, four inch heels). I read more. I started journalling again. I was a tourist in my hometown. I had lots of girl time. I went to more funerals than weddings. I went to more baby showers than bridal showers. I cried when I got shitty news. But I smiled when I was reminded how lucky I truly am.

It’s weird to think I’m turning 29 today where part of me feels like I’m already 30. So many friends have hit 30 this year and sometimes I slip and say I’m 30 already, but really, just 29. One more year to be considered a twenty something. One more year for what? I don’t even know.

I do know that 29 is being kickstarted with champagne and a move to a bigger apartment, a new beginning, a new chapter, all of the above. I know that this year won’t be the easiest. But I do know I’ve got great friends and family to support me.


So let’s do this 29. I’m quite ready for whatever shenanigans you hold in store for me.



happy everything!

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  • Happy birthday from your friend in Cleveland! Can’t wait to read about what other adventures you go on this year!

  • Happy happy birthday Katelin! Hope 29 treats you well, and that you continue to take lots of risks and take lots of adventures :) And of course, keep on wearing those tutus! xox

  • We are the same age (for a few more months at least). 29 has been good to me. I hope it’s good to you, too. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  • Happy Birthday! If only I could celebrate with you with champagne and cupcakes (and helping you move and pack). Wishing you a 29 filled with lots of love, laughter and joy. You deserve it =)

  • Zoe

    YAY 29!!!

  • Happy Birthday Katelin! Don’t freak out too much about 30 (LESS THEN A YEAR AWAY NOW tehehe) its not that scary. But do it up now! [hangovers get worse after your 20s]

  • Hope you had an amazing day. Good luck moving this weekend, I can’t wait to hear all about it!

  • Happy Birthday, Katelin! Hope you had a fabulous day!

  • Happy birthday plus a couple of days! I hope you had a lovely one!

  • Cheers to 29!! Happy belated birthday my love. I hope you had a great celebration. xoxo

  • Happiest of birthdays to you, dear friend!

  • Happy belated birthday, lady! (And happy birthday to Matt, today!) Cheers to the next year & to do more wonderful things!

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